His Favorite Song


In 1985, I went with my mom to our vet's office in Indiana. We were there for regular shots for some of my mom's kitties. We always have had numerous cats and I had recently adopted a tiny little striped grey girl, naming her "Crystal". But while I was waiting, I looked up and at the top of a tall bookcase was a regal and strikingly beautiful full grey Korat cat. He sat tall and surveyed his room. I was told that he was a bit over a year old and had been abandoned, so was their "shop kitty". I was smitten. I asked if I could see him

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What’s In A Name?


Everything. A person's name stays with them for their entire life and long after they've departed this continuum that they share with us for too short a time. Choosing one is a huge responsibility. Choosing the right one is daunting at times. It has to "fit" and, if you're of the creative and imaginative type, like us, it has to be interesting. At its very best, a name for

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Friends Are Where You Find Them


Our lives are so much more rich because we have rescued families of Maine Coon and Bengal kittens but this first post is about a different kind of rescue. Sometimes, it is difficult to know who is the stray.

We have a number of breeds as "singletons"; most of whom arrived here on their own, determined that this is a nice place and they want to stay. We

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All five kittens, back together again

Back a few months ago, I captured a little stray kitten along the road. When I first saw her, I also saw her mom, a small black cat, and another little kitten, black, running up the road. By the time I caught the first little one, the other two were gone. I brought that one home to keep her, but continued to watch for the mom and the

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Lookie What I Found


As I was driving up to get the mail and newspaper today, a black cat jumped out of the bushes into the road. It looked just like our small black cat, Mo, who is known to wander, so I pulled over and got out to go get her. Up by the mailboxes is just waaaay too far away for her to be wandering. Mo has a pink tracking collar

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Mountain Lions Are Back – Yes, at Least Two!

Went to check the deer today and it was dragged into the rock-walled area under the big pine and next to the perimeter fence. That's why I couldn't readily identify it last night when I went out and peered down from the glass studio to see if anyone was around. More of it has been eaten or carried off, so it is now evident that we're not going to call Fish and Game right away. This is a natural occurrence in the wilderness. We may be in a partially settled area but not really as far as the wildlife

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