Making a Police Box Refrigerator

Police Box Fridge

I've turned my refrigerator into a Police Public Call Box. The doors look like the Police Box, the cap has the sign and a working light beacon, the ice/water dispenser is hiding behind the little phone door and it even makes a "whooshy" sound when the doors open!

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Kickstarter Project a Success!

Blown glass ornaments for the whole solar system

This past spring, in order to help us pay the ticket to the National Space Symposium, we ran a Kickstarter campaign.

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Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity


Recently, I was commissioned by a lady to create a canvas painting that depicted a moment for the Mars Science Laboratory Rover, Curiosity, when it was being dropped off on Mars by the newly developed Sky Crane deployment craft. The landing is to happen this evening.

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Pet Memorials, Art and Pet Loving Come Together

Orange Tabby Urn

I have been a pet lover my entire life. I've never had fewer than three at any given time, usually more. When I as growing up, we had upwards of 10 dogs, 10 cats, chickens, guinea pigs, fish... For whatever reason, needy kitties seem to find me. And I help them, either to get back to their homes, or if they have no home, they find a new loving home with me.

I've also always been an artist, but only recently doing my own glassblowing. We built our own glass blowing equipment so that we could go out whenever we wanted and make some beautiful glass art right here at our studio. It was then that I realized that I could use my glass art to help myself and help others who had to deal with the tremendous heartbreak of losing a beloved pet.

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If You Want It Done Right….

Rocket Necklace

You do it yourself. Yes indeed, this is the bane of most self employed people, especially artists. We work in such different media that we can't just hire a guy off the street to do sections without it costing more time and energy than if we just did it ourselves. Plus, most people running their own company have a higher set of standards than someone who gets hired. Not saying there aren't extremely hard working hires out there,

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Kitties Gone Missing!


It only took a couple of times of going out in a panic, not being able to find a lost kitty and then scouring the neighborhood in increasing tears, imaging the worst, for me to decide that I had to have a way to know where they were so I could at least have a reasonable shot at finding them.

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